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Whisklist: The Ultimate Gifting guide for Bakers

Christmas is almost here!  You all know what that means… stressful Christmas shopping.Let’s all face buying a gift for a baker is hard and not to mention it can get a little pricey. So I created a wish list that’ll be easy on your wallets and guarantee a gift baker would love! For all of you who have bakers in your families, friends who love to bake, or just want to get a little something for yourself, why have a little guide to help narrow down your choices?

  1. Wilton and Piping bags.  $12.99

This a perfect gift beginners who are interested in decorating cakes and cupcakes. Plus it’s super cheap considering all the items that come with it. The decorating kit contains 26 pcs cake decorating tips and dispenser , 3 easy clean scraper, 2 flower lifter,+2 (12 inch & 10 inch) healthy silicon pastry bags,  2 twist quick coupler, 1 brushes, 1 clear plastic storage case, 1 gift packaging box

2. Bakeware Set $27.44

Anyone who bakes needs the right pans. Sometimes people give pans that the baker already have making things super awkward. So why not buy a set? It makes you look like a generous gifter while also saving you a lot of cash! This set  contains 1 10×15″cookie pan, 2 9″round baking pans, and 1  muffin pan (small depth).

3. Cookbooks

Cookbooks are probably my favorite thing in the world. Mainly because it gives me nostalgia of me as a kid looking through my collection of cookbooks. Sure the internet provides a vast amount of information already but cookbooks narrows the research down.

4. Cake stand


Cake stands can make a good cake look amazing! I found all of these cake stand via Amazon and Etsy

5. Molds


Molds are great for making perfectly shaped chocolate, mousses, or ice cubes.

6. Cake Turntable


7. Cute measuring cups/spoons


8. Baking themed gifts


9. Baking kits


10. Kitchen aid mixer






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