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17 baking Tips & Tricks for the amateur baker

Hey Bakers and Cakers!

When I first started baking I was completely clueless on a lot of important information that now seems like common sense. I want to share these tips to any of you who are now starting in the baking world. I hope it helps!

IMG_00141) It helps for the eggs and butter to be at room temperature because it will disperse into the batter evenly resulting in a lighter textured cake



2)  little tip for those of you on the cheap side or can’t buy parchment paper. Also make sure it’s a light layer of flour with no clumps. No one wants clumps of flour on the bottom of a cake.



3) I actually saw this tip on Pinterest and tried it out. It actually works! White bread works best for this situation. It won’t leave an after taste on the cake.



4) Have your cake been coming out super dense and dry? This is All purpose (AP) flour is usually the culprit. Think about it. Should you really be using the same flour that you use to coat chicken with in your cake?


5) This had me stumped when I first started baking. Dry cakes are the worst! This tip goes back to #4, for the people who have no choice but to use AP flour. Don’t compact the flour while measuring it.


6) All ovens aren’t alike but most of them don’t have proper heat throughout the whole oven. The back of the oven may be hotter than the front. Take some time and play around with your oven. It could help you not have a cake thats both burnt and raw.


7) To my fellow bakers, Please get a weight scale! I’ve was searching how to make chocolate ganache without using oz or grams. Its a nightmare! Most of the baking worlds best recipe using grams not cups. Remember that baking is a science!


8) It’s best to pre-measure your ingredients before mixing. It makes the process much quicker and plus it lowers the risk of you forgetting an ingredient. You don’t want to forget the baking soda in a cake recipe. Believe me…


9) This isn’t really the most useful baking tip but I still think it is super important! As a perfectionist, not being overly critical is one of my biggest challenges. Sometimes after finishing a cake I would sit and stare at it for hours just nitpick all of my mistakes. Usually those “mistakes” can easily be solved with a little more practice. Obsessing over mistakes won’t make them go away. You’re better off learning from it and moving on. So to all my beginner/amateur bakers just breathe and practice. You won’t become a professional overnight so just enjoy the process.


10) This tip goes to any baked goods really, not just cakes. I know it’s a pain to wait but let your stuff cool before diving into the decorating.


11) Using Russian tips is super tricky! Especially if you’re not used it. Also if the buttercream is not stiff you can freeze it for a while and the results will be the same. Although that method is more time consuming.


12)  If you can’t hack leveling flour then this tip should be helpful. Don’t scoop it directly from the bag with a measuring cup. The flour will become compacted, and you’ll get more than you need for the recipe. Having too much flour is the main reason why cookies and cakes come out way too dense!


13) Pinterest is a trap! Don’t fall for it! Unless a guide on Pinterest is connected to the blog/website it originates from I usually don’t trust it. Most of those picture guides leave out a ton of important information anyways.


14) I have done this a few times. Overconfidence can sometimes hinder you! Just take the time to reread the recipe and rewatch the video.


15) Honestly Ice Cream scoopers saved my life! They are so easy and convenient to use. My proportions before ice cream scoopers were super uneven.


16) This is a common mistake in beginning bakers. You throw in the butter in the microwave, it melts and you think, “it won’t make a difference”. WRONG! Butter can literally make or break a recipe.


17) Maybe I didn’t express this enough, Please use parchment paper! It saves so much time and stress when greasing pans. Don’t hold off on buying it. Use those 8 dollars and, instead of getting some chipotle, just buy the parchment paper. You’ll thank me later. I know I told you how to get around without using parchment paper but if you have the spare $8 use it wisely.