Sweet Treats

Organic V.S. Non- Organic Cake mix

Organic Vs Non-Organic is a hot topic especially is trying to want to be healthier but does it truly matter when it comes to our desserts?

I’ve been wondering for awhile if an organic brand is better than regular cake mix. This is how I’m going to compare the two cake mixes. Presentation, Cost, and Taste.


Presentation wise I’d have to say Organics wins. The cake looked exactly the way it does on the box. The color was dark and beautiful and had a crumbly texture. As for pillsbury, The color was completely off from a chocolate. It honestly looked more like a caramel colored cake.


The majority of people when asked what they think when they hear the word organic they hear “more expensive”. In this case, that is definitely true. Organics cake mix cost me $4.01 for one box, while Pillsbury only cost $1.18 per box. If your an avid baker, much like myself, getting Organics brand is pretty detrimental to your wallet. We all can agree that baking is expensive enough as is.


I’ve gotta say when it comes to taste Organics is definitely the winner. It tastes like it was made from scratch by your grandmother (yeah it’s that good). It’s so amazingly fresh and moist makes you want to cry. Unfortunately the Pillsbury cake mix has a chemically aftertaste. But then again I can’t be surprised, I mean look at the list of ingredients.


So as you guys can probably guess I like the Organics brand the best. It looked and tasted the closest to a homemade chocolate cake. When buy a cake mix that’s what most people are going for. True it is pretty expensive but if you got the extra cash then go for it. If not, there are plenty of recipes online that can alter cake box mixes to make it better.


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