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I think I’m one of the few lucky people who can say that, I love my job! If you can’t tell by my Instagram I work at the Ice Cream & Shoppe. We have the best ice cream in Palm Springs! Plus all of the toppings are free!!! We’re located next to the Arrive Hotel, where you can eat and relax by the pool because it’s open to the public. This is definitely the place to be next time any of you visit Palm Springs.

*I apologize ahead of time for the amount of times I say ‘Ice Cream’ in this post. But it’s about an ice cream shop so bare with me.

The Ice Cream & Shoppe is a Ice Cream Shop with a cool twist. It’s also is a gift shop! Everything in the gift shop is super trendy and absolutely adorable. Most of our customers are bloggers and Yotubers who come in and take pictures of the shop. In fact, most of them find the shop through our Instagram. I actually take some of the pictures and videos you see on it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.02.19 PM

My boss, Athalie,  saw my Instagram/blog and recognized my baking talent and asked me to make the Ice Cream cakes for the Ice Cream & shoppe. I was so thrilled! I finally had a chance to show my baking creativity in my work place. I made two Ice Cream Cakes for the celebration. The first cake  is made of ice cream sandwiches on the base and surrounding the cake. In the middle is made of our Birthday Cake ice cream (my favorite). I decorated it with a bunch of sprinkles and whipped cream. The second cake had a vanilla cookie base layered with Mexican Chocolate ice cream, cookie crumbs, and topped  with Cookies n cream. I decorated it to look like a melted ice cream cone with fudge dripping down the sides, a scoop of birthday cake ice cream dipped in fudge, and topped of with a sugar cone. You can watch the whole process of mr making the cakes on my Instagram!


I had a wonderful time collaborating with the Ice Cream & Shoppe. I’m so happy to see that everyone at the celebration liked the design and how it tasted. Hopefully we can start selling ice cream cakes too! Of course with a percentage of the ice cream cake profits to me ;).

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