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LA Cookie Con

As some of you may know, LA cookie con was this pervious weekend. It was my first time going and I gotta say, I had the experience of a lifetime! I’ve never met so many bakers in my life! On top of that the amount of pure talented people there was motivating. I mean seeing a 15 year old cake decorator did damage my ego a little bit but it was also so inspiring. 

I went to the convention on the sunday. I missed Duff Goldman and My Cupcake Addiction but I got to many other amazing bakers including, Nerdy Nummies!I gained a lot of insight and knowledge of the baking world from the seminars. My favorite seminars were by Cake Diva (Porsha Kimble), Nerdy Nummies (Rosanna Pansino), and Arkon Mounts. I learned about starting up cake business, cake decorating, and how to build my brand. Cake Diva brought a lot of personality to her seminar. I admire her boldness amd confidence she brings to the baking community. Rosanna was the sweetest person ever! It kinda threw me off on how tiny she is in real life! It’s strange meeting people you watch through a screen in real life. 

Besides the inspiring bakers and vast amount of knowledge of the baking world at Cookie Con the food there was AMAZING! The taste alone wanted to make me cry but the amount of creativity the went into the food blew my mind. I think my top two favorites were the soul food cupcakes and the Unicorn cupcake. 

The soul food cupcake was made by Bree’s cakes. The cake was cornbread, frosting was mashed potatoes, glaze was gravy, and topped with a piece of chicken. The unicorn cake was made by The Cake mamas. They were featured on cupcakes wars and are going to be on cake wars on the food network. 

LA Cookie was one of the best days of my life. The only thing I would do differently next time is to go both days of the convention. This way I can met more people and network more in the baking community. 

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