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Cookbooks: Are they useful anymore?

Are cookbooks really necessary anymore? I mean think about it with all of the recipes and baking advice available on the internet.  It takes a matter of seconds to look up a recipe on the internet. There’s so much information is available with a click of a button. It kinda makes cookbooks seem obsolete. 

I do think that it’s true that the internet provides a natural speed and efficiency but my heart will always belong to cookbooks. I would definitely buy a cookbook at my closest Barns & Noble over looking up a recipe. You know why? Convinced and laziness. It’s less overwhelming to buy a cookbook. Sure it will cost you a few bucks but its quicker and easier. Think about it! Which is less overwhelming a few recipes vs looking through the internet hundreds (if not thousands) recipes for one treat? Let’s be honest we never ever look past the first page of google. With the amount of recipes online it seems like you can never find the right one. It actually may prevent someone from trying all together. Just look up Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. See how many food videos and baking blogs (including myself) posted that one recipe? The internet also has a funny way of getting you confused sometimes. When you look up Chocolate chip cookies you get soft and chewy recipes, soft and crisp recipes, no bake, eggless, sugar free, double chocolate, and many other types of recipes. Your simple request of having a good chocolate chip recipe easily just became a research project. While in a cookbook there’s only one recipe to worry about. Just follow the directions of the recipe and your done in 30 minutes. Which is way better than 2 hours of stress and anxiety trying to figure out which baking process is better.  *Keep in mind this only my opinion! Feel free to post which you perfer in the comments and why! I would love to hear back from you guys! 

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