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Doughnut Cake Pan Review

 *This post is NOT sponsored! I dedicated my own time and money for this review.*

Lately I’ve been on this weird donut craze. Anything donut-y I’ve eaten excessively. So I decided why not make a donut cake To soothe my intense donut cravings? I looked around for a bit but I couldn’t find any good donut cake pans. From what I researched, to achieve the donut shape most people carved out the shape. But ain’t nobody got time for that! So after hours of searching I found the perfect donut cake pan! The Entenmann’s Jumbo Non-Stick Donut Pan is literally the dream cake pan. It’s Non-Stick and bakes quickly! Any cake I made in this pan has come out without any problems. This is a dream cake pan. It’s cheap, non-stick, and bakes any cake beautifully! 


Entenmann’s Jumbo Non-Stick Donut Pan  $20                                                       

With your imagination There is no limit of what you can make with this cake pan. You don’t have to make a donut each time you bake with this pan. For example, I made desert themed cakes. Look at how they turned out! 

If you don’t want to spend a billions hours carving a donut shape cake then this pan is perfect for you! Save yourself the time, trouble, and mess and just buy the  Entenmann’s Jumbo Non-Stick Donut cake pan. 

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