Sweet Travel

L.A: That SoCal life

Brooke, a.k.a Thetrappedfashionista, took me to L.A. to celebrate my birthday. I was my first time actually exploring and experiencing the L.A. life.

L.A. was a ton of fun! With all the different cultures, people, and music it had a life of its own. Since Brooke took me to L.A. as a birthday present she suggested for me to make a list of all the foodie places I wanted to visit. We also visited some of L.A.’s most Instagrammed walls, such as the Pink Wall. It’s a great spot to take pictures but I wish there weren’t so many rules there.  The surrounding area is completely filled with wall murals and hipster shops. It’s a really cool place to just explore.

I think the best part of the trip was going to Duff’s Cake Mix shop. This shop is literally a baker’s paradise! There were so many baking supplies that I could’ve lived there forever. Not to mention it’s a shop owned my idol Duff Goldman! The whole reason I started baking was because of his show, Ace of Cakes. Him and his crew creatively expressed themselves into each cake, it inspired me do the same. In Duff’s cake Mix shop I had a choice to decorate a cake or 6 cupcakes. I chose to make social media inspired cupcakes. It was my first time working with actual fondant so I wanted to make something simple. I couldn’t believe how good they actual came out! I mean it wasn’t Ace of Cakes good but still…

After the cake shop Brooke and I got hungry and went down to The Grove. The Grove was covered with beautiful Christmas lights and other decorations. Sometimes in California with the constant warm weather it doesn’t feel like it ever becomes any other season. So seeing all the decorations  and feeling the cool air was really refreshing.

The rest of the night was spent trying to kill time. We didn’t want to sit in L.A. traffic any longer than we needed to.


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