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The Biggest Debate in the Modern Baking World: From Scratch or Mix?

Within the last 30 years or so, a fierce debate has risen among bakers in the baking community. Which is better, baking from scratch or from a box mix? I’m going to tell you guys my opinion on both sides of the great debate. The point of this post is not me dying to persuade you on my opinion but for all of you to form an opinion of your own. I will provide my own opinion but it’s up to you guys to decide which you prefer.

Box Mix

Have you ever gave baked goods to friends or family? While they are all eating it, complimenting on your baking prowess. Suddenly, someone asks the dreaded question that could make the world stand still, “Is this from scratch?”. The me of five years ago would say it’s from scratch even though 9 out of 10 times it wasn’t. When I first started baking I always felt so embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn’t make anything from scratch. There was no way I could mess it up, all I had do was pour water, eggs, and oil into a powder and make sure that the cake didn’t burn. I felt like I was less of a baker because it wasn’t made from scratch. Whenever I did decide to make something from scratch it rarely come out right. I didn’t know that baking from scratch so much took practice. Which is probably why a lot of people are immediated by making anything from scratch. As an amateur baker which would you chose? Making something from a mix that is guaranteed to taste good or mixing indgredients together and hoping for the best?

Baking from a mix is a perfect way to get your foot into the baking world. Although, baking professionally with a mix is perfectly fine too. As long as you own up to it. There are a large amount of bakeries in the United States that do use cake mix. It’s understandable beause if the flavor is good and the price is low, people will pick consistency over ingredients.


From Scratch

After baking for awhile I actually gained confidence to make things from scratch. At this point I have a little more experience in the baking world. In truth, I was just sick and tired baking box-mix. I wanted to make a treats that had a signature taste that belonged to me. Its true that takes so much more time and effort to get a recipe just right. But that’s what makes it fun. The best part of working so hard, is finally getting the recipe right. Its such a reward feeling when your family members genuinely like something you make.

Baking from scratch is fun but there are two definate cons. First, baking from scratch is EXPENSIVE! Think about it. Cake mixes cost less than $2, eggs are $3, and oil is $4. For scratch baking you have to buy ALL the ingredients! The flour, sugar, butter, eggs, oil, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, baking powder, baking soda can add up to a whopping $40 – $50 depending on quality of ingredients. For a now in-debted college dropout that is alot of money. Second, the obxnious group of bakers who think they are better than any baker who doesn’t bake from scratch. This group of bakers constantly critisize cake mix bakers. For any baker who is like this, I suggest you calm down. It’s not that serious. I never heard an amish woman looking down on modern bakers because we don’t grind the flour. In this current age we technically don’t make anything from scratch. We dont churn our butter, collect sugar canes, or turn grains into flour. The point being that judging another baker for not being at the same level as you is disgraceful


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