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Salvation Mountain: Colorful Wanderland

I finally did it! I completed on of my goals for 2016. I made my first vlog! It’s about my sister, Brooke, and I taking a trip to Salvation Mountain. It was beautifully vibrant and spiritual place. Although  I kind of wish one of my recipes was my first vlog but it’s okay. Posting this video gave me confidence to keep filming new videos!

Now for those of you who just don’t feel like watching the video. Let me share my Salvation Mountain experience!

Well first of all, a little warning to all who want to visit this place, Salvation Mountain is pretty much in the middle of nowhere AND HOTTER THAN PALM SPRINGS! Also, the drive was long from where I live, Palm Springs, it was at least an hour and 45 minutes. (I know that’s not really bad but coming from a small town its quite a trip). But the drive wasn’t all that bad with all the talking, singing , and the scenery. The Salton sea was especially beautiful on such a clear day.


Salvation Mountain is a really cool place to visit if can explore all of it. Unfortunately, the day we came it was being repainted which really sucked. So we didn’t get to see much but what we could see we loved! It was one of the most colorful works of art I’ve ever seen. I really admire the man who took the time to paint and create this masterpiece in the scorching heat of the desert. That takes extreme dedication!




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