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Vancouver: A trip full of Food & Adventure

Every year my sisters and I take a trip to somewhere new. This year we decided to go to Vancouver! I was extremely excited that I was going because the drinking age is only 19 in Canada! If I could describe our whole trip in two words they would be, active and adventurous. Vancouver is a perfect place for active people and nature lovers. The combination of the mountains, river, and clean air makes it a green friendly place. Also the city is very easy to get around considering that there is one highway in Vancouver.

For our accommodation we stayed at an Airbnb for the first time. I know in my San Francisco post I said that I love hostels but… Airbnb’s have stolen my heart! It was nice to come back to a place for yourself. Especially after coming back from a long day of traveling and all you want to do is relax. Also, not having all of  your stuff locked away in fear of someone going to steal it is a definite bonus. Our host max was extremely nice, he was great with communicating with us on a regular basis. The place we stayed at was so cozy and cute.

For our first day it was pretty hectic with early flights, going through customs, and trying to find the Airbnb without WiFi. We were pretty tired by the time we got there. So instead of going to Stanley park we just chilled for a bit and went out for dinner. The restaurant we ate at was Mongolia Hotpot. It was our first time in a ‘cook it yourself’ restaurant. All the food was so good!

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The next day we took a free tour of Granville Island in courtesy of the Free Tour Guys! The tours are completely free, all they ask is that at the end of tour to tip the tour guide. Our tour guide was a great guy! He made the tour interesting and interactive. We went through everything in Granville island. The tour stopped in front of the Granville market. There is no doubt that Granville Island is a foodie haven! There were so many sweets and treats as far as the eye can see. I would live there if I could. My sisters were literally dragging me out of the market.

After eating a bunch at the market, we took the aquabus to Yaletown. The aquabus is a nice cheap way to travel around Vancouver. Not to mention it’s a great way to see all of Vancouver on the water. In Yaletown, there was the New Amsterdam Café , which is a cannabis smoke friendly café. People could smoke there own cannabis when the shop allowed it. Cannabis shops are around the area for people who need to buy some. There are bongs and pipes inside the shop to smoke with or to buy as a souvenir. The design of the whole shop was amazing but unfortunately there are no pictures allowed. I recommend going here to anyone who wants to go off the beaten path of the tourist spots.

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The final day in Vancouver was by far the most exciting! We went to the Capilano suspension bridge! Walking across the Cliff walk and suspension bridge was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. The bridge is extremely wobbly which was terrifying for the first couple of minutes. But once I got to the middle and finally looked up I realized how beautiful and tranquil nature was. The height and wobbly bridge didn’t seem to bother me another. Looking at the waterfall and running down the canyon below me was peaceful.  The Capilano park is one of the most beautiful places into all of Vancouver. The environment is so clean and untouched. The trees give off so much humidity that the temperature remains the same all year.

After have the scare of our life’s on the bridge we went back to the city on to the free shuttle. Once back into the hustle n bustle we wandered around a bit for dinner. We found a spot by the water that served some of the best margarita pizza in the world. But for the life of me I can’t remember the name (sorry)! We also ordered a beer taster. We all had to try a little bit of each . I only liked a few of them since I’m not really a beer fan. But it was still fun seeing my sisters reactions it the strong ones.

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Vancouver was a great place! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to travel in an English speaking country. But don’t get me wrong Canada is different in some aspects. For instance, they don’t sell alcohol in grocery stores like we do in the States. It was a nightmare trying to fine a wine store. Other than that our trip was great. I hope to visit Canada again sometime soon!


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