Sweet Travel

San Francisco: Sun, Fun & Food

Hello Everyone!  Today I’m going to share my trip in San Francisco with my older sister Brooke.



Throughout our trip we stayed at the Hostelling International Downtown San Fran Hostel.  I really love staying in hostels whenever I travel. Each one has its own personality and energy that they give off. The people staying there are super diverse in races and cultures. Not to mention the staff were extremely friendly.

For our first day in San Fran we went to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse for some of the best sweets in San Francisco! The treats were absolutely heavenly. Word of advice: Get there early if you can! Brooke and I got there around 11:30 and there was already a line. When we came out of the shop the line got even longer! Afterwards we walked to Lombard Street and it was one hell of a walk. From the amount of hills San Francisco has, needless to say, I worked of all of those pastries. Lombard Street was worth the walk. It was absolutely beautiful! The houses were beautifully decorated and flowers surrounding the Street were in full bloom. The only downfall was the amount of people there. But that’s no surprise given that its one of the most visited places in San Francisco.

Our final spot of the day was the 16th avenue mosaic stairs. The stairs are truly a photography  gem in San Francisco. Not a lot of people are there because it’s secluded. Which was kinda a pain since we took an uber and it was expensive.


One our final day was pretty much a foodie day. We went to Off the Grid, which is a place with a lot of food trucks at a park. The day was nice but freezing! So I grab a cappuccino  and a cupcake sat down and relaxed. All Brooke and I did for the next four hours was talk, dance, and ate more food. We tried an Indian Cuisine food truck. I honestly have know idea what I ate but it was delicious! Later on that day we went down to Fisherman’s Wharf and explored for a bit. I found this adorable cupcake shop called Cup & Cake! I ate a crème brulee cupcake with fresh blueberries on top with a Carmel coffee.

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